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A minimal, but regular maintenance routine can keep your lawn in good condition all year around. Lawn World provides an easy-to-follow turf care plan for our valued customers as well as advice on how to resolve turf issues.

Take a look at our frequently asked questions below for answers to some of the most common client queries or call our advice hotline on (75) 9837 4621 for further assistance.

When are you open?
We invite you to make general and sales enquiries on (75) 9837 4621 between 8am and 7pm, seven days a week.
For pick-ups or to inspect and purchase, our gates are open Monday to Friday 8am to 3pm and 9am to 12.30pm on weekends. We are closed on public holidays.

What is the best turf variety for me?
Selecting the right turf will depend on where you live and how your lawn will be used. Most turf types will thrive in Perth’s climate while certain varieties are better suited to front yards and verges and others will return to condition even if not watered well during the summer months. We make choosing the right turf easy with our friendly and experienced staff able to advise on the right product to suit your requirements.

How do I install my new grass?
Your care plan booklet will provide comprehensive instructions on how to install your new turf. We also provide some tips on this website. If you don’t want to do-it-yourself, Lawn World can provide a professional planting service. Ask us for a quote.

How do I keep my turf looking good all year around?
The recipe for a healthy lawn all-year around is not to over water, add occasional fertiliser, apply a wetting agent in December and cut sparingly – no more than 15 mows in a year. If you have any turf issues, address them early.

What’s the best time of the day to water?
The best time to water your turf is in the morning as it is generally cooler and allows more water to soak into the soil.

How can I save water but still keep my grass green?
Lawns and gardens do not use as much water as people think, a well trained lawn watered every 3-4 days during summer will send roots down deeper into the soil to find and collect water more effectively. Don’t over-water and you will see strong, healthy turf.

When should I fertilise?
We recommend the addition of fertiliser during May to keep turf fed during the winter months. Generally, a small amount of fertiliser every six weeks throughout the year will benefit growth.

How do I control weeds without damaging turf?
Prevention is better than cure. A healthy, full coverage of grass through regular maintenance will prevent weeds from becoming established. Remove any small weeds by hand, when you seen them. If weeds have become established, there are several safe chemicals that can be applied. Call our hotline for advice on the best products for your grass variety.

Where can I get more help?
We value our customers and provide specialised after-sales support. Please call our advice hotline on (75) 9837 4621 or contact us for the answers to your specific question.

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